The Mystery of Deliverance (Part 2) – Koinonia with Apostle Joshua Selman – the miracle service is held once a month; usually the last Friday of every month at Koinonia.

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  1. Thank God for this greate revelation of the mysterys of the kingdom of God to his savant Apostle Joshua Selman, he has been a blessing to me, through his message I have find life.

  2. God you sir, and more of God Sir in the mighty name of Jesus. Sir your sermon sir by his grace is just for and also awakening loat souls and delivering unbelievers sir and for the last sir, it is an opening for the next Gen’ sir God bless sir.

  3. may the almighty God bless you above you ever think I have never seen you b4 but my life is change even from a distance every of your message I listen to is a breakdown to deeper fellowship commanding result,what is love many God bless you and your ministry

  4. I have been so much blessed by this site from an easy download of God’s word through his anointed servants tirelessly working in his vineyard. More grace to Apostle Selman eni and koinonia, God bless and increase the body of Christ world wide.

  5. Thanks for all your effort and the resources available here. Please I would love to know the miracle service that happened just after the 3rd part of this mystery of deliverance. (Month)Thanks and God bless you.

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