Using Positive Declaration | Pastor Ifeanyi Anthony | MFMYC Awka

Using Positive Declaration – A Sermon by Pastor Ifeanyi Anthony MFM Youth Church, Awka


Key Points

Whatsoever you say determines what you will see. If you must experience a change in life, your mouth has a role to play. If you must turn your situation around for good, then your mouth has a role to play because you must do what you can do if God must do what you cannot do.

You must do the possible if God must do the impossible in your life. There is no way you will be confessing obstacles and be expecting miracles… Your confessions will either enhance you or reduce you.

Do you know, you are the best prophet to your destiny?


In this message, you learn:

  1. the principles of declaration,
  2. how to speak to your destiny,
  3. how to ask and receive,
  4. how your declarations can bring deliverance to you and everything around you,
  5. how your declarations work,
  6. how your declarations comes to pass
  7. how Angels work on your declaration and so much more.


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