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Change Yourself Change your Marriage | Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Discover the God’s plan for your marriage in the new series with Sam Adeyemi.


Power of Ideas (2) | Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Ideas are spiritual seeds. practically every experience that a man has can be described as a fruit, the average man eats the fruit and throws the seed away. The fleshy part of the fruit can be likened to our experience but inside every experience is a seed and the seed represents the principles that controls the experience. If you eat the fruit and throw the seed away, you cannot produce the fruit again but if you keep the seed, you can reproduce the fruit as many times as you want. – Excerpt from the book: Ideas Rule The World by Sam Adeyemi

Thoughts can change your life… Think outside the box… Learn more about the Power of Ideas from the part two of this sermon: THE POWER OF IDEAS


Success Secrets 1 | Pastor Sam Adeyemi

The ultimate definition of success for your life is for you to discover God’s goals for your life and achieve it. – Pastor Sam Adeyemi.

Success Secrets is a timely series by Pastor Sam Adeyemi that provides practical steps to unlocking the secrets of successful living in every area of life. In the series, Pastor Sam shows you how to develop and cultivate your vision, manage your emotions and desires, build successful relationships, multiply your success through leadership, prepare and execute your plans the God’s way.