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20181118 – Sustaining a Christian Family in Times Like This – Pastor Chris Abraham

A message for every family on how to live God’s way of life, no matter the situation, through Thanksgiving. Listen and be blessed.


20181111 – That Moment of Shame Will Surely Pass Away – Pastor Chris Abraham

A message of hope and encouragement from God’s Word. Listen and be blessed.


My Season of Dryness is Over | Pastor Funmi Obafemi-Moses | MFMPHV

Season of dryness is when things in our life is not going well at all, it is when the moment we want to achieve something that moment thing begins to fall apart. It is God that changes the season of dryness in our lives. Listen to this sermon and be blessed.


The Record of the Seer | Pastor Funmi Obafemi-Moses | MFMPHV

The Record of the Seer; a sermon by Pastor Funmi Obafemi-Moses.
A sermon to challenge your current position in life and what will be written concerning you. A message to encourage and charge you forward into this new year 2018.
Preached Sunday, January 7, 2018