MY SERMON NOTE| The Evil Dream Seeds | Dr. D. K. Olukoya


PMCH June,2015


Text: Matt. 13:25, Job 7:13-14

Minister: Dr. D.K Olukoya

There is an ancient rope that has dragged millions into deep bondage

There is an old satanic strategy that has causes so many destiny to stammer

There is a popular landing space that has promoted many satanic aircraft landing into life

There is a deep hole that has mesmerise and mysteriously put people in the school of bondage

There is a place in darkness where even the strong can lose power mysteriously

There is one very common avenue of operation that has powered the deepest bondage

There is a forum that has manufactured so many terrible chains


Their period to operate in their time-table is While Men Slept

There are some dreams that you cannot just leave to standby

Dream can possess terrifying powers


  • Problems, that came into my life, during sleep, die in the name of Jesus
  • Anything planted in my life to disgrace me, backfire, in the name of Jesus

In the school of victory, information is the greatest asset. Information transforms a man while lack of it deforms man.

When you lack spiritual information, you are as accident waitng to happen

You are a product of your dreams

Dreams are as a means of revelations

Dream is like a window that opens you up to the spirit world; that is why you must take any kind of strange dream with levity

There are 6 kinds of dreams you can have

  1. Dreams that add to you
  2. Dreams that subtract from you

==> Any good thing that the enemy has subtracted from your life through the dream, re-possess them now in the name of Jesus

  1. Dreams that leave you the way they find you(Neutral)
  2. Dreams that empty you
  3. Dreams that catapult your destiny

==> I prophesy into the life of somebody here, as Joseph moved from dream to destiny, move to your destiny in the name of Jesus

  1. Dreams that waste one

==> Every dream attack must backfire, in the name of Jesus

Evil Dream Seeds have caused a lot of havoc for man.

Many medically incurable diseases are deposited through this dream

Many disease that defies medical diagnosis and treatment are dream seeds

Many have been initiated to occultism and witchcraft through dream

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Questions To Ask Whether Your Dreams Are Good or Bad

  1. Is the dream scriptural?
  2. Does the dream draw you closer to God?
  3. Does it leave you confused?
  4. Does it edify?
  5. Does it bring bondage?
  6. Is the Holy Spirit confirming it?
  7. Does it bring unholy fear?
  8. What is the end of the dream; is it good or bad?


  1. Seeing corpses and attending funeral services
  2. Being handcuffed
  3. Getting married to unknown person: it will certainly keep you from getting married to somebody or destroy your current one
  4. Begging for food and cloths/alms – dreams of retrogression and poverty
  5. Walking bear-footed – dreams of disgrace/anti-marriage dream. Shoes represents marriage for women in the symbolic realm
  6. Wearing torn dresses
  7. Removal of hair

===> Anybody that has dreamt that your hair was removed or manipulated or they physically stole your hair away, receive your deliverance in the name of Jesus

  1. Seeing vultures around you – it kills everything around you; dreams, visions, marriage, work
  2. Driving a vehicle which is suddenly stock and refuses to start – the enemy is trying to stop you
  3. Seeing animal like cow pursuing you – witchcraft powers are after you
  4. Discussing and eating with dead relatives – the powers of your father’s house is still pursuing you
  5. Seeing yourself naked – disgrace, embarrassment and insecurity
  6. Found unknown person beating you – you have enemy pursuing you
  7. Holding a Bible and the Bible is falling from your hands – it means that backsliding is knocking at your door
  8. Vomiting – loss of virtues
  9. Eating your vomit – you have just been enrolled in the university of stagnancy
  10. Seeing yourself on an admission in the hospital – the enemy is planning evil against you
  11. Crying and weeping for no reason –   symbol of sorrow
  12. Losing a large amount of money and you don’t know how to find it – the enemy wants to attack you with financial loss
  13. Gunshots, bullets, arrows, affliction in the dream – sicknesses and poverty and worldliness
  14. Bitten by animals – attack by the kingdom of darkness
  15. In the market moving about aimlessly – the enemy wants you to roaming about the market of life with nothing
  16. Trying to cross a river but nowhere to cross – there is a red sea the enemy has put before you and until you cross it, you can’t go to your promise land
  17. Carrying a big load and you don’t know what the load is – the enemy is manipulating your destiny
  18. Receiving dirty or rough money – the enemy is attacking your finances
  19. You don’t swim physically but you found yourself swimming in the dream – under attack by marine powers
  20. Lighting a matches and the fire will quench – the enemy is trying to quench your fire
  21. Seeing yourself in old house, former school, former place of work – dream of backwardness and retrogression

PRAY: Powers of zero level, die in the name of Jesus

PRAY: Any dangerous dream that I have forgotten, that is affecting my life, you are liar, die in the name of Jesus

  1. Seeing yourself in roundabout and you don’t know where to turn – it means you are confused in life
  2. Trying a place but the door has been closed – locking you out of goodness
  3. Climbing a stair case but you never reach the top – you may be struggling in life
  4. Trying to open a locked door but not finding your key – power of hindrance
  5. Having a black scarf or cap on – demonic authority over you
  6. Find yourself with cobwebs – the enemy wants you to be stale, old, not useful
  7. Strange mark on your body – unconsciously initiated into something really bad
  8. You vehicle was stolen – vehicle of destiny
  9. Trying to fetch water but you don’t see or trying to put it in a basket – power of profitless hardwork
  10. Eating with lepers and mad people – you have surrounded with bad gangs
  11. Wearing grave cloths – spirit of death and hell
  12. Summon to court as an accused person/ locked up in a place – hindrance of freedom
  13. Showing you blood in a blood in a bottle – the blood is your blood that have been taking from you
  14. You see rat and ants – poverty
  15. Drowning in a river and crying for help – the enemy is planning difficult time for you
  16. Eating in the dream – weakness of spiritual power and sicknesses

===> All the evil food you have eaten in the dream, shall become ashes now in the name of Jesus

  1. Being attack by dogs – sexual spirit
  2. Being attack serpent – powers of darkness in all ramifications


  1. Surrender your life to Jesus
  2. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your understanding
  3. War against this satanic seed

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