No More Excuses | Pastor Lisa Iyke-Nnamdi

 Sermon Description

Message Title: No More Excuses

Minister: Pastor Lisa Iyke-Nnamdi

Ministry: House on The Rock, Benin

Bible Text: John 5:1-9, Luke 19:1-10

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  • Everyone likes giving excuses, some genuine, some others not.

  • If you must make progress in this year 2016, you must eliminate excuses.

  • Excuses comes up when you fail to do what you ought to do. Excuses are made to cover our short falls, if we do what we ought to do when we ought to do it, there would be no excuses.

  • That something didn’t work for someone doesn’t mean it won’t work for you, you are unique.

  • When we go beyond our excuses, God goes ahead of us [to makes things work]

  • He already knows, He is just waiting for you to depend on Him

  • Stop making this mistake of waiting for tomorrow, all you have for now is today. Today is the tomorrow we were waiting for yesterday.

  • Eliminate fear

  • Act Now!

  • Ask and depend on the Lord Jesus for strength