Milestone Reached : 600,000 Sermon Downloads

YES! Yet another milestone. This morning, your number 1 choice site for sermons hit 600,000 downloads. Exactly 4 months ago today, I announced the first 500,000 Downloads. This means so much to me (and everyone at DownloadSermon) and I am happy.

Wondering what this is? It means that:

» We just recorded a total of 600,000 Sermon Downloads here at  – a platform that features sermons from ministers of The Word.

» 2 sermons have been downloaded per person who visited this site.

» Over 300,000 lives have been blessed by the sermons featured on this site.

» People are using online mediums to listen to The Word of God; isn’t that interesting?

» You too can be blessed by visiting the anytime, most importantly now.

» Your Pastor(s) and your favourite Minister(s) of The Word are welcome to feature their sermons here. You are also welcome to upload your sermons. Start here

» Still wondering, go to and download a sermon and be blessed.

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