Dawn Shestko is Coming to MegaFest

Dawn R. Shestko founded DRS Performance Solutions, LLC in 2014, with the vision of partnering with organizations to focus on and invest in their greatest resource: their people. Dawn is deeply passionate about developing human potential and sees every opportunity as a privilege. She works with individuals and organizations to take performance to the next level. She provides executive coaching and consulting to enhance leadership, and team coaching to increase overall effectiveness. Dawn specializes in customized workshop design and facilitation. She serves as a solutions-focused life coach who helps people by encouraging them to widen their scope; to see and consider all available options; to focus time and energy on solutions; and to actively participate; and to be a leader in their own lives. Her coaching program is a partnership that helps clients clarify their best outcome, create a plan, and take action.

Dawn received her Bachelor of Science in organizational communication. She loves the opportunity to blend what she learned academically with her real-life, in the trenches business experience, so that she makes the biggest possible difference in the lives of her clients.