Bethel is For All (part 2) | Pastor Iyke Samuel

 Sermon Description

Message Title: Bethel is For All (part 2)

Minister: Pastor Iyke Samuel

Ministry: House on The Rock, Benin

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(by @PstIyke)

Today one year ago, God gave me a male born son. My son came out weighing 4.3kg. He had a face like to say “I’m here to deal with the devil.” He brought so much Joy to me, my wife, Peniel and Jahdiel.

My son, the assistant Pastor as Apostle Gentle Shedrach would always call him, inspired a strong message in my spirit titled #Bethel. I preached that message the Sunday after he was born and it went viral. On the lips of everyone in Church that Lord’s day, you would hear: #Bethel_Is_For_All!

My wife shared a testimony with me recently about one of our members that had a miscarriage.  One day while in service, she helped my wife with Bethel. As she carried Bethel on her body she remembered the message “Bethel is for all” and she asked God to give her a miracle baby using Bethel as a point of contact.

Few months after that encounter, to the Glory of God she took in. She was so excited that she shared the testimony with my wife.  Indeed, the message was truly from God.

As I wish my son a happy birthday today, I want to thank God for giving him to me and I trust Him for continual wisdom to provide divine parenting for him and the rest.

I also want to ask God to release on everyone (Reading this and those who would also take out time to listen/download this sermon) their own Bethels in Jesus Name!

Let miracle babies, sons, daughters, twins, triplets, etc. be released right now in Jesus Name! Somebody will soon testify that after reading that article: #Bethel_Is_For_All and listening to the message my barrenness came to an end. So shall it be in Jesus Name!

Join me and Pst. Lisa to wish our son well on his first birthday on earth.

Happy Birthday Son!

We love you!

Signed by
Peniel &
Jahdiel for
Bethel Chibinimem Nnamdi (II)