80: Take New Territories

Certain seasons have come to an end in our lives. When you are facing a new season, you need to be sensitive to what is ahead of you. The admonition is that you get set to take new territories.


Our anchor scripture all through October 2017 was taken from Genesis 12:1-3 (NKJV); Abraham departed to take new territories as God had spoken to him. God’s desire for us is new territories, new things. Fulfilment of destiny is not localized. This is not about changing locations. It is easy to get used to certain things you have been used to. Revelations is about what God is saying, as captured in Jeremiah 29:11 (NKJV) where He says, I know the thoughts… which means ‘I am always thinking about you.’ God is not just thinking as in currently planning, but He has already made every necessary plans for us to take over new territories. The NLT version refers to ‘thoughts’ as ‘plans’.

Newness can assault your mind. I remember the first time I visited Canada in 2005 and was taken to downtown Toronto at midnight to see its beauty, I remember standing on a street then and felt like a grasshopper. My question was, ‘Did this just appear or was it built?’ ‘Can someone be relevant in this place?’ I was so intimidated. However, in the month of September this year, I visited the same place and it looked so normal because that experience was no longer new to me.

What are you seeing (Genesis 13:14-15)? What you are seeing is very important to the fulfilment of your destiny. When we are talking about new territories, you need to be able to sit down and dimension. There is nothing stopping Nigerians from owning real estate in China. If you are tired of Nigeria, go to New York. That’s what the covenant is all about, it is about infiltration.

Taking new territories will require seeing and stretching. As humans, we are creatures of habit. When it comes to seeing new things, don’t be a creature of habit; don’t sink into complacency. Never get overwhelmed by where you have been, just focus on what is ahead. There are giants in every promise land but you can conquer them. Refrain from following the path of least resistance