78: Activating The Covenant Of Greatness

In Genesis 12:1-3, we see the word ‘great’ recurring twice in verse 2. Making Abraham’s name great speaks of God capacitating Abraham. When you talk about the name of a person, it is the essence and brand of the person. God is saying that your brand is not going to be weak but strong. By implication, if you lay your hand on something that people know you for, it is not going to be ordinary. In addition, God is putting grace on you to enjoy divine establishment, so that you will exercise dominion and take over. That was what God was telling Abraham. You see the word ‘great’ and ‘bless’ several times. God wrapped up that conversation by telling him (Abraham) that in his (Abraham’s) greatness, he shall not be moved. That is, Abraham will be given supernatural immunity and insurance.

From Isaiah 51:1-3, God is reminding you not to forget where you came from. See yourself as a part of the source (covenant). One translation says ‘I called him while he was nothing’. God was reminding us of where we came from – from nothing! In verse 3, God was talking about comforting Zion. God will comfort our waste places in Jesus name. One of the ways to activate greatness is to choose to rejoice always.

According to Galatians 3:14 (NKJV), we are Gentiles in Christ and have been grafted in as descendants of Abraham.