1028: Shiloh 2020 Sunday Thanksgiving Service

Prophetic Declarations!

You will be globally known in your endeavour!
God will crown you with His blessings!
You will begin to enjoy daily additions!
God will fast-forward your destiny!
Every prophetic word concerning you will come to pass!
Your life will start overflowing with God’s blessings!
Your mouth will not be laughter dry!
You will not know a setback anymore in life!
Things least imagined shall start speaking in your life!
Every journey is declared safe!


Message Title: What are We Thanking God for as a Commission?
Ministering: Pst. (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo.

Why are we Thanking God as a Commission?
1) For divine fulfilment of prophecy – 1 Kg. 8:15

2) It’s a debt we owe God- Lk. 15:17

3) To preserve our blessings- Mal. 2:1-3

4) To perfect our blessings- Lk. 17:19

5) To multiply our blessings- Jer. 30:15-17

6) Not to reverse our blessings- Jer .13:15-17