1027: 2020 Shiloh Impartation Service on Saturday Morning (12th Dec., 2020)

Ministering: Bishop David Oyedepo

Impartation mostly comes via the Word – Ex 2:2, 37:7-10
Impartation is the gift of God translated through a human vessel – 1 Tim. 4:14
Just crave more of God and more of His grace. His grace will position you.
Every destiny is defined by grace – 1 Cor. 15:10
Grace is an endowment where others have laboured and you have entered into their labour – Jhn. 4:38
Impartation is partaking of the grace upon another – Heb. 10:29
All God-sent prophets are sent as fathers over to whom they are sent – 2 Kgs. 6:21
We are in the days of the manifestations of the Spirit of just men made perfect – Lk. 1:17
There is nothing magical in the Kingdom, everything follows God’s procedures.
It takes the fear of God to taste the power of God – 2 Tim. 2:20-21
The rod of God did not work in the hands of Gehazi because his heart was not right – 2 Kgs 4:31
The harder you follow after God, the higher you fly.
When you are on God’s plan, He goes before you to mess up barriers, He goes with you to make sure you are not defeated, He works with you and He works for you.
You have a five covenant bond when you are on course with divine plan – Isa. 45:2; Mk. 16:20; Phil. 2:13