1026: Shiloh 2020 Turn Around Encounters Day 4 Evening Session (11th December, 2020)

Message Title: Unveiling the Turnaround wonders of the Altar of Sacrifice

Ministering: Bishop David Oyedepo

The altar of sacrifice is the altar of unquestionable turnaround proofs.
Your greatness will never be larger than your meekness.
God is too big to beg!
Sacrifice is not an appeal to help God, it is God’s prescription for a turnaround.
Every child of God that walks genuinely in the covenant has a great future.
Every form of financial pressure gets off your life!

Turnaround Things that Happens on the Altar of Sacrifice

– Curses are averted – Gen. 8:21

– Sworn blessings are released – Gen. 22:16-17

– Supernatural wisdom is released – 1 Kgs. 3:7-13

– All your needs are met – Phil. 4:15-18


Prophetic Declarations!

Whatever area that is yet to turn for good in your life shall turn tonight!

God is taking over your battles tonight!

My God will fill your mouth with unending laughter!

You will become the talk of your world by the reason of tonight’s encounter!

No one will depart Shiloh 2020 with any generational curse!

God will enforce generational blessings on you!

You shall receive clean baptism of supernatural wealth!

Whatever came with you to Shiloh dead shall come alive!

Whatever is unequal in your health and career bounces back to normal!

God has turned your tears to testimony!

You will receive a call that will turn your tears to testimony!

Reproach will no longer be found in you!

Whatever you left as a concern shall be settled finally!

For your sake, there shall be a turnaround in your family!


Altar Call
Say after me:
‘Lord Jesus, save my soul, forgive me my sins. I believe you died for me, on the third day you rose again that I may be justified. Right now, I believe my sins are now forgiven, I am justified by Your blood, I am saved, I am a child of God. Thank you, Jesus, for saving my soul. Amen’.
If you said this prayer, email us at newbirth@lfcww.org.

A vow is in response to God’s intervention on your behalf while a sacrifice is what you offer to the Lord out of what you have.

It is not the volume of sacrifice that makes a sacrifice, it is the cost – 2 Sam. 24:24

Shiloh provides platforms for turnaround encounters which includes the altar of sacrifice and the making of vows.

A sacrifice is what you have that you are offering to God when demanded.
A vow is what you make in return for your desires from the Lord – 1 Sam. 1:11