1020: Shiloh 2020 Hour of Visitation Day 3 Morning Session (10th December, 2020)

Fourth Teaching Title: Engaging the Master Key to a World of Supernatural Turnaround (2): Proofs of Our Love for God.
Minister: Bishop David Oyedepo

When kingdom affairs don’t touch you, you are out of touch.
If you are in love with God, you will love His house and you will be addicted to fellowship.
Not every giver is a true lover, but there’s no true lover who is not a giver – 1 Chr. 29:3; 1 John. 4:21
You do not have to be a pastor, an apostle or a prophet to serve God.
No one is in love with God at a loss. The love of God makes you a highly profitable citizen of the Kingdom.

When you are in love with God:

1. You flow effortlessly in revelation – John. 15:15

2. You manifest an unusual passion for the intent of His Kingdom – Ps. 69:9

3. Your passion for souls stays alive – John. 21:17

4. You identify with Him shamelessly – Ps. 119:46; Rom. 1:16

5. Giving becomes a delight – 2 Cor. 8:8

6. Delightsome obedience becomes your way of life – John. 14:21

7. You get addicted to the Word

8. Serving God becomes a delight – Job 1:8

9. Forgiveness becomes your way of life – Job 42:10

10. You are steadfast in stewardship – Gal. 6:9; Job 36:11

11. You receive supernatural strength to keep doing His bidding – Isa. 40:28-31; Deut. 34:7

12. Diverse encounters become your natural experience.

13. You receive express answers to prayers – 1 Kgs. 18:36-38

Third Teaching Title: Engaging with Scriptural instructions for Turnaround Encounters.
Minister: Bishop David Abioye

God is committed to instructing you – Isa. 48:17
Instructions are the maker of your destiny.
Not all children of God are profitable, some are liabilities because all they know is how to ask for things from God.
Instruction is the highway out of destruction.
Instruction is a ladder to the top. You cannot follow instructions and remain below.
No journey is ever completed without following instructions.
No adventure ever succeeds without following instructions as relating to the adventure.
Instructions take away discouragement from you because you are exposed to what others do not know.

If your desire is to fly, taking and following instructions is a demand. You are limited in height by the instructions you follow.
The enquiries you make will determine your expansion in life. You are as limited as the enquiries you make and the instructions you receive.
In the spiritual, there is no graduation; you continue to be dependent on God.

How Does Instruction Come?

1) By an audible voice – Ex. 3:7-10
2) By the voice of God in Scriptures – Deut. 28:1

How to Maximise Scriptural Instruction

1) Identify your peculiar need and enquire from the Lord – Mk. 10:17-21

2) Search for the answer in the scripture

3) Meditate on instruction – 1 Tim. 4:13-17

4) Embrace instruction and follow them consistently – Pro. 4:3

5) Do not be weary of correction – Pro. 6:33; Pro. 3:12

6) Beware of instruction despisers – 2 Tim. 3:16

Why Do People Fail to Follow Instructions?

1. They look too simple, not logical and not rational – John. 2:5

2. They are hard to follow – Mk. 10:17; Mk. 10:21-30

3. They look too slow – Gal. 6:9

4. People are too modern for God – Jer. 6:16

Examples of Scriptural Instructions

1) Instruction to be a soul-winner – John. 15:16

2) Instruction for diligence – Prov. 22:29

3) Instruction for giving – Lk. 6:38

Prophetic declarations!

Every dryness in your life is over!

The grace to keep following God’s instruction is release on you!

From Shiloh 2020, you will receive grace for the opening of your eye!


Second Teaching Title: Exploring Covenant Platforms for Turnaround Encounters with God. Josh. 24:15
Ministering: Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Patience is not a gift of the Spirit; rather it is a fruit of the Spirit, it should be consciously nurtured.
The heavenly crown will only fit those who endure to the end.
Every time you are sowing a seed, don’t think it is a waste; you need to cultivate patience.
If you want your service to be rewarded, then give it all it takes.
That you have a challenge does not necessarily mean you have committed sin.
After patience, live for others to live. Any service that does not touch mankind is fake – Job 29:12-17
As long as you are always a collector, you will never go far in life.
Be like the water so that people can quench their thirst through you, be like the fruit so that people can eat you, and be like the soil so that people can grow through you.
Giving guarantees long time happiness.
No poor man can be wealthy if he does not become a giver. Learn to share what you have with others no matter how little it is.
Distribution is the secret to supernatural encounters.
There is faithful service and there is a faceful service.

Covenant Platforms to Learn from Job for Turnaround Encounters

1) Patience – Jam. 5:11
2) Live for others to live – Job 29:11


First Teaching Title: Engaging with the Holy Ghost
Ministering: Bishop Thomas Aremu

When the Holy Ghost works in you, challenges are over.
The Holy Ghost is the power base of the ministry of Jesus Christ – Lk. 3:21
Do not trust yourself, else you will crash!
The Holy Ghost dwells in your invisible to influence your visible.
The Holy Ghost dwells in your heart, not on your head.
The Holy Ghost is relevant in everything and to everyone.
The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of truth, without Him you will be without the truth.
Without the Holy Ghost, the devil will round you up with lies – Jhn. 8:44
You cannot hear Him beyond your spirituality.

What is Relevant in Securing your Turnaround Encounters?

1) The Spirit of faith – 2 Cor. 4:13

2) The Spirit of truth -Rom.1:4; Jhn. 8:44

3) The Spirit of grace and supplication – Rom. 8:26

4) The Spirit of the fear of the Lord – Isa. 11:2

5) The Spirit of counsel – Isa. 11:2

How to Engage the Holy Ghost for Turnaround Encounters

1. Be born again – Jhn. 6:5-8

2. Understand that you have your root in destiny in Him

3. Recognise you are helpless without the Holy Ghost – Lk. 24:49

4. Seek for the baptism of the Holy Ghost

5. Believe in repeated empowerment

6. Fellowship with the Holy Ghost

7. Walk in the Holy Ghost – Rev. 1:10

8. Desire and receive spiritual gifts – 1 Cor. 12:7-9

9. Do not grieve the Holy Ghost – Eph. 4:31