1016: Shiloh 2020 Turn Around Encounters Day 2 Morning Session (9th December, 2020)

Fourth Teaching Title: How to Build Your Faith
Ministering: Bishop David Oyedepo

Spiritual understanding of the truth is what begets and stirs faith.
Without enlisting in the school of faith under God-ordained and accredited masters, you cannot grow your faith.
Faith is a virtue that demands personal responsibility for anyone that desires faith to grow.
You don’t wait for faith to grow, you build your faith.
One platform that enhances your faith is your love for God – Jhn. 15:15
God’s true love at work in you is the covenant platform for the building of your faith.
The larger your heart for God, the greater your access to revelation.
God’s love at work in you provides access to unlimited revelation.
Grace is multiplied by knowledge.
Thank God for where you are, but where you are is not what God has in store for you.
You cannot enlist in His school without meekness.
God has people you must hear and listen to if you must experience a change.


Third Teaching Title: Engaging Your Faith for Turnaround
Ministering: Pst (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo

Why is Faith so Important for Turnaround Encounters?

1. Every upward change in the life of a believer will always require the force of faith – 2 Cor. 5:7
2. Your faith in God’s Word must come alive -John. 20:25
3. All the heroes of faith in the Bible days were men and women of diverse encounters with God through their faith – Gen 24:1 Heb. 11

What Must I do to Access Encounter by Faith?
1. Go for the Word – Rom. 10:17
2. Secure God’s voice – Ps. 29:4


Second Teaching Title: Engaging The Word For Turnaround Encounters
Ministering: Pastor Paul Enenche

The Word brings not just insight that guarantees a turnaround.
The Word brings not just revelation but energisation that brings turnaround. Lk. 5:5
Captivity will continue until insight and light is accessed.
Every time you know what to do, you leave where you are; direction cures stagnation.
It does not matter the darkness you are passing through now, it takes the light of the Word to disarm the force of the night.
To be lighted by Word is to be outstanding in the world.
Movement from the background to the forefront, from the pit to the top happens by the light of the Word.
Freedom is guaranteed when the Word arrives.
The Word brings sanctification and purification that can change a story. Ps. 119:9,11

Functions of the Word that Guarantees Turnaround Encounters

1. The Word brings correction – 2 Tim. 3:16
2. The Word brings direction – Ps. 119:105
3. The Word brings restoration – Lk. 15:8
4. The Word brings illumination – Jn. 1:1-5
5. The Word brings distinction – Matt. 16:13-17
6. The Word brings elevation – Rev. 2:2
7. The Word brings a revolution
8. The Word brings purification – Ps. 119:9; Jn. 15:3
9. The Word brings impartation of spiritual firepower – Ezek. 2:2; Jn. 6:63
10. The Word brings liberation – Ps. 105:17

What to do to possess Light from the Word

1. Possess meekness – Jam. 1:21
2. Walk in uprightness
3. Function in excitement – Is. 12:3; Jer. 15:16
4. Pray for light and insight – Ps. 119:18; Ps. 43:3
5. Make enquiries as you study – Jer. 6:16; Jn. 14:6
6. Possess the attitude of expectancy – Hab. 2:1
7. Document what you see – Rev. 1:11
8. Be desperate to possess revelation – Hos. 6:3
9. Engage the Spirit – 1 Cor 2:9-10; Eph. 1:19
10. Engage the blood mystery – Lk. 24:30-31
11. Align with the ministry of anointed teachers – Acts 8:31; Dan. 9:2


First Teaching Title: Engaging the Prayer Altar for Turnaround Encounters
Ministering: Pastor David Oyedepo

Behind every turnaround encounter, is the hand of God. 1 Cor. 4:7
Supernatural turnaround is expected to be our heritage as children of God.
When cases seem closed, you are supposed to be an agent of turnaround wherever you are.
Your level of authority changes as you engage on the altar of prayer.
When a man encounters God on the prayer altar, there is a change.
One of the ways we can increase the power of God in our lives is through the altar of prayer.
When a man stands in prayer, there is a change in authority; therefore, as you stand on the altar of prayer your voice will increase in authority.
The power at work in you is directly correlated to your engagement on the prayer altar.
When you increase your frequency of power, the things that are tormenting you will automatically be destroyed.
On the altar of prayer, you are enlarging your spiritual wires to increase the power of God that flows through you.
The more time you spend with God, the more power flows through you.
When there is a threat, what you need is greater strength and you change your level of strength on the altar of prayer.
Don’t complain about the situation; rather change your dimension of operation.
The level of grace you command depends on your altar of prayers.
When you engage the altar of prayer, you will enjoy a supernatural dimension of grace.
When a man genuinely encounters God, he cannot be threatened in life.

Examples of People that got Encounters Through Prayers

1. Jesus Christ. Lk. 9:25
2. The apostles. Acts 4:24
3. Jacob. Gen. 32:25
4. Moses. Ex. 34:27
5. David. 1 Sam. 30:6-8, 19-21

How to Engage on the Prayer Altar

1. Define your expectations
2. Anchor your desire on God’s Word. Heb. 6:18
3 Engage your heart. Jer. 30:21; Jer. 17:10
4. Engage your faith on the altar of prayer. Heb. 11
5. Engage the power of thanksgiving. Ps. 100:4; Phil. 4:6

Facilitators of Turnaround Encounters on the Prayer Altar

1. Sanctification. Jn. 9:31; Is. 54:1-2
2. Have a heart for God. Rom. 8:28