1014: Shilol 2020 Turnaround Encounters (Day 1 on 8th December, 2020)


‘I have a turnaround heritage in redemption. God is my Father, Jesus is my Saviour, and the Holy Ghost is my helper. I now belong to the household of God, the turnaround family of God. I belong to the family of Christ, the ruling and reigning body of Christ on the earth. Turnaround is my heritage in redemption’.


Second Message Title: Understanding Your Turnaround Root
Ministering: Bishop David Oyedepo

At new birth, you now belong to a turnaround lineage – Eph. 1:19
From now, turnaround becomes your new identity and the identity of your family!
God’s turnaround encounters is not a once and for all encounter.
The Holy Ghost is a turnaround Spirit and that turnaround Spirit is in you.

You are not redeemed to stink, you’re redeemed to shine. 1 Cor. 13:10

We serve a turnaround God – Ps. 126:1
At redemption, we have a turnaround Saviour – Jn. 11:44
The Holy Ghost is a turnaround Spirit and is in you – Acts 4:13; Eph 2:19
We belong to a turnaround lineage.
Whatever you cannot find in your new lineage, you have the right to reject them.