1003: Covenant Day of Settlement (Sunday Service on 29th November, 2020)

Prophetic Declaration!

‘Whatever won’t let you go shall go down for you!

Every devil holding you hostage dies for you today!

Every trace of tears in your life ends today!

God shall turn your mourning to dancing!

Whatever sickness follow you to this service shall drop off you today!

No winner will ever be termed poor in life again!

No one in your lineage will ever be termed a beggar!

May the God of settlement visit you this week!

Your laughter that will never end begins today!

God shall settle all unsettled area of your life!

That long stagnation in your career is over today!

Favour will settle you, maritally!

Every evil verdict against your fruitfulness is reverted to a testimony!

The next pregnancy you have, you shall be confirmed positive!

This week is declared your week of all-round settlement!’ – Bishop David Oyedepo