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Working in the Reality of His Resurrection – Pastor Favour Omemma

WORD, WORSHIP, AND WONDER is a program of The Visioneers Ministries whose God-given mandate is to fill the earth with the precise and exact knowledge of the word of God, bringing men into the realities of the new creature; ensuring that men know their God and live as sons of God.


The Uniqueness of Christ in His Death | Dr. Tony Evans

Jesus’ life changed our reality. But His death changed our eternity. Sunday on The Alternative, Tony Evans will explain why the Lord had to die, why He did it on the cross, and what made His sacrifice so unique.


Resurrection – Our Faith Booster (1 Corinthians 15) | Pastor Dele

Resurrection is one of the greatest boosters of the faith of a believer. Just remembering that God rose Christ from the dead is a great booster of our faith as Christians.


Easter 2016 “Alive” | Pastor Daniel Fusco

Ever wondered why Easter is so important? Christianity is now 2,000 years beyond the resurrection of Jesus. And without that, there is no Christian faith. It is the good news that changed everything. Bring friends and family and celebrate Jesus at our Resurrection Celebrations this Easter, as Pastor Daniel shares a powerful message called “Alive.”


Presentation of the King | Pastor Daniel Fusco

It was not the Terminator who coined the phrase, “I’ll be back.” It was actually Jesus. And that same climatic theme of defeat giving way to victory is what rallies the human spirit to hope in the impossible. So, as we explore the Triumphal Entry, we won’t leave the story unfinished. After we see the humble suffering servant, Jesus the King, entering Jerusalem to fulfill God’s purposes in his death and resurrection, we will turn our focus and attention to the ultimate warrior King Jesus as he returns to earth in his second coming to deal His final blow to the enemy. You won’t want to miss Palm Sunday 2016 here at Crossroads as we see a Presentation of the King that leaves us with the glorious hope of victory.