The Dragon At The Edge Of Breakthrough


February 2015 Power Must Change Hands

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TEXT: 1 Cor. 16:9, Eccl. 6:1-2

MINISTER: Dr D.K Olukoya

•SAY AMEN: You will rewrite their family history in the name of Jesus

•PRAY: Powers saying ‘No’ to my breakthrough, you are a joker, die, in the name of Jesus

• 2 Things From The Passage(Eccl.6:1-2)

1. There is no true expansion that will not ***

2. Unto every new level of achievement, there is always a new devil.

•Every true doors are satanic adversaries standing around it

•The presence of this adversaries does not mean God has not open doors to you. Infact, it is a sign that that God has opened doors to you

• Turning back from the doors God has opened unto you will be a First-Class Tragedy


• This power is also called:

– Blockage at the edge of breakthrough

– Almost there but not there miracle

– Mere success syndrome

– Failure at the edge of success

– Problems against Miracle

– Emptiers.

They are terrible and destructive spirits



1. When an unusual sexual looseness comes upon you after always being holy

2. Sexual dreams

3. Masquerading dreams

4. Going back to your junior school in your dream

5. Seeing dead relatives in the dream

6. Counting coins in the dream

7. Animals pursuing you in the dream

8. Being pressed down in the dream

9. Carrying feaces

10. Snails in the dream

11. Worry

12. Unclean thoughts

13. Lukewarmness



i. Jesus is a winner man

ii. I’m a new creation, I’m a brand new man

iii. By the reason of anointing, every yoke must be broke

iv. By the anointing, Jesus break the yoke

v. Jesus ohu o                                     

vi. Ko sa agbara to da bi ti Jesu

vii. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered



1. Glory killers of my father’s house, die in the name of Jesus

2. Evil powers in my place of birth assigned against me, die in the name of Jesus

3.  Any power that accepted witchcraft for my sake, you are a liar, die in the name of Jesus (X3)

4. I kill every inherited sickness in my life by the power in the blood of Jesus

5. Every power, that pursued my parent that is now pursuing me, you are a liar, die in the name of Jesus

6. Powers, digging grave for me, enter your grave, in the name of Jesus

7. Any rope, tying my destiny down, catch fire, in the name of Jesus

8. The mistakes of my parents will not become my tragedy, in the name of Jesus

9. O God arise, intervene in the affairs of Nigeria, in the name of Jesus

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  1. gail says:

    thank you I urgently needed these prayers

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