“True Love is a Choice… It is an act of your will” – Apostle Joshua Selman

  • What-is-Love-Choice
  • Dimensions-of-Love-1-Passion
  • Dimensions-of-Love-2-Commitment
  • Dimensions-of-Love-3-Pleasure
  • Dimensions-of-Love-4-Sacrifice
  • What-is-Love-Choice1
  • What-is-Love-Understanding
  • What-is-Love-Honour
  • What-is-Love-Honour-must-be-communicated

scroll through the images above to learn what True Love is or continue reading below.

What is Love?

  • True Love is a Choice. It is an act of your will.
  • True Love is Understanding.
  • True love is honor.

Dimensions of Love

  1. Passion
  2. Commitment
  3. Pleasure
  4. Sacrifice

Source: Koinonia (Eternity Network International)

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  3. Peter Awoyo says:

    Apostle Joshua Selman messages had blessed me greatly.More anointing sir.I wish to see this great man of God someday.

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